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Tanning product tips

Last Updated: Feb 13, 2017 06:10AM PST
The first and most important tip to give you is to always be sure to speak with a tanning consultant at one of our 7 locations. They will be able to go over the best products for your skin type that will give your skin its maximum results. Since we all have different skin types and possible allergies to ingredients, it is best to get their expert advice before making your purchase.

We offer multiple categories of lotions to provide the perfect lotion for all of our client’s preferences. They will also enhance tanning results by helping you to tan up to 70% faster!
  • Intensifier lotions are products that develop your tan naturally without many added ingredients. Many have skin care ingredients that will help build that great base tan.
  • Bronzer lotions; we offer two kinds of bronzers, some have DHA as an ingredient and the others will not. DHA is an ingredient in sunless tanning products and bronzers and is often derived from plant sources such as sugar beets and sugar cane. DHA bronzers will boost your colour while the natural tan is developing. Natural bronzer lotions that do not contain DHA are purely cosmetic. Make sure to wipe your hands after using DHA bronzers! Our hands do not react to bronzers..and can turn orange from DHA!
  • The first thing I do is apply my facial tanning lotion to my face, neck and the skin on my upper chest. This lotion is specifically made for this more sensitive area of skin, and you’ll be less likely to get acne because of this.
  • Next, I apply lotion over every part of my body that will be exposed during my tanning session. It’s very important to only use indoor tanning lotion when tanning in a tanning bed. Not only will you have better tanning results with indoor tanning lotion, but you will protect the bed from damage.
  • After tanning,(and if using a DHA bronzer), I wait at least a couple of hours before I shower, and then I use a PH balanced soap that does not strip my skin of moisture.
  • After my shower, I use one of the delicious Hemp Nation tan extenders to keep my skin super moisturized.
  • I drink plenty of water to moisturize my skin from the inside out. Moisturize through the day when skin feels dry. Dry skin exfoliates much faster than moisturized skin, so it’s very important to keep your skin moisturized to keep your skin glowing!

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